I saw you flitted back and forth
in the depth of the rainforest,
your whisks showered little wonders
to the looming sycamores
and maundering birds,
I watched in great fascination
as you showed your graceful maneuvers
blazing the gloomy woods
with your magical wit.
I rejoiced as the birds and the trees
cheered in your brilliance.
But the birds were soon to fly
high above the azure sky,
leaving you alone again within
the tranquility of the ferns
in the peaceful heart of this forest.
Because you were different.

Because you were special.

The sunlight penetrated once more
through the foliage,
reaching the forest floor.
Green, purple, thin light
filtered through the top branches
creating an illusion of a diamond
under an afternoon sun.
The leaves of the trees came to life.
Vigorous and vibrant.
Giving signals to the birds
to begin their journey to faraway lands.
The world sizzled with enthusiasm and hope
as the birds kissed you goodbye
leaving you in the grace
of the happy little squirrels
which will soon find their way
to the frontier and the valley.
You retreated in desolation
into the fern’s embrace.

And the forest went still.

So I came out from the viridity
carrying a teentsy courage with me.
I fluttered in a sweeping motion
stirring quiet bushes
and weary grasses,
powdery dusts of many hues brought
hope and silent gasps upon my way.
I fluttered with excitement
above dry leaves and crackling branches,
I moved below a canopy of bromeliads
and friendly figs,
The smell of the wild orchid reminded me
that there is more to life
than what the eyes can see.
I carefully made my way
through the green meadow hidden
in the folds of the forest.

I carefully made my way to you.

You heard the ripple of amusement
from the chirpy Marmosets,
you arose to find another set
of brightly colored wings
flapping swiftly
like a faint trace of a dream,
you were mesmerized and so was I.
I took your hands and held you
close into my heart.
The soft colors of discovery
made our wing dusts to blend,
creating spectrums of love and devotion,
we closed our eyes as we listened
to the cacophony of song
made by the wonders of the wild.

And together, we have found our way
to the mouth of the forest,
passing streaks of celestial lights
and translucent droplets,
and once there, you were shown
with the vastness and the colors
of the true world.

We are but rare b u t t e r f l i e s
on a summer field of Violets, my love
every wisp of our tiny wings
sprinkle fine dusts of silvery moments
giving our world a kaleidoscope of soft colors,
making our way to that timeless land we dreamed of
where wild flowers shall welcome us
with great joy.