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ImageGazillions of stars scattered in the distant sky like a squandered golden sand wastefully thrown out of reach. Marie wondered if the stars were gold, if science makes million ways to get them. Will their value remain the same? She took a deep breath and shifted her gaze at the beauty lying beside her on the grass.

Marie was covering her bare chest with her arms. Never mind the cold that has been there all the time. She could still feel the heat from their torrid sexual encounter radiating in every bit of her being, blocking the cold from coming into her skin. It was consuming. She still got her shorts on. Although the fly was a complete indication of introsion. Or surrender. Whatever the case was, Marie was still a little confused.

Selena was lying very still beside her in silence. The torn lacy cloth that was once a lingerie merely covered her body. She looked like a piece of art and the massive grass was her backdrop. Selena stirred and turned to her side so that the cloth slowly slipped in between them. Marie has to swallow hard as Selena’s breasts protruded in front of her like it was always the first time. She was feasting the sight of it for a while and made a second thought of bringing her mouth on to them again and start getting crazy one more time.

Marie realized that Selena was smiling as she observed her reaction in silence. She looked away.

“You’re a bad girl, do you even know that? ” Selena traced her fingers on Marie’s shoulder.

Marie suddenly felt a renewed heat surged within her but a question that haunted her for days overcame the passion that was about to surface. “Where have you been the past few days?” She was no longer able to hold it back.

“Why do you want to know? Did you miss me?” Selena countered.

“You’re throwing back the question at me!”

“It’s a very simple question. Did you miss me?”

“It’s not that I missed you or something, I was just worried.” Marie looked away hiding whatever emotion she has.

“Worried? Of what exactly?” Selena tried to dig deeper.

“Can we stop throwing questions at each other Selena? It doesn’t make any sense.” She tried to retort so that Selena didn’t press the issue.

Selena looked away. Marie wanted to hold her so badly, to place Selena’s hand over her chest and let her feel the beating of her heart. But she hesitated. What I am thinking? This has to be pure sex and nothing else.

They both stayed silent for a few minutes.

“My dad passed away. I haven’t seen him for so many years after the divorce.” Selena silently said. An obvious pain that was long been suppressed inside started to surface. “I had to fly to Nevada to attend his funeral. I was a daddy’s girl. When he left me and mom, I thought I was gonna die.” Selena’s voice trailed off.

Marie felt a pang of guilt from what she heard. She has been watching for this woman for years yet she didn’t know anything about her. Then it dawned on her that behind the confident and bitchy image laid an untold sad story. She suddenly felt the need to comfort Selena, to hold her in her arms and to never let her go.

“I’m sorry. I should have known.” Marie was deeply saddened but was also glad that for the first time, Selena tried to open up. She thought she saw tears but Selena quickly blinked them away.

Book Review of Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II


Subject: Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II
Author: Prince Abraham Harun
Reviewed by: Mary Ann Maglangit
Date: Sunday, June 8, 2014 21:30:52
Direct Link: Romance-Erotica


The goal of this post is to get people download the book while it is still on its FREE promotional period. After the promotional period is ended, the production will revert the book to its original pricing.

After the storming success of Book 1, The New York Times Best-Selling author Prince Abraham Harun consequently released Book 2 of Scarlett’s Secret Lover Series. In this sequel, the audience will witness a more prominent development of characters and materialization of new sequence of events packed with passion, twists and more surprises.

I, as a writer, believe that a good fiction writer must not only have the ability to form powerful words and induce vivid images into the minds of the readers, he must also have the magic to let each character leap out from the pages of the book and drag the readers into the world he conveys. Utilizing such ability makes readers feel what the character feels and see what the character sees. Not many writers can execute that. It needs reared talent, exceptional skills and a hand of a true wordsmith that is capable of molding interesting twists of events in order to excel within the vast writing umbrella that has the capability to put any writings at the bottom of the diagram. But with Prince Abraham Harun’s writing style and chosen genre, it is apparent that he have already surpassed it.

Venturing in complex genre such as Erotica has never been that easy, A writer should have enough knowledge, proficiency of the genre and a steady persistence in adhering the flow of the story as well as getting the edge of the audience.

The Book 1 of  Scarlett’s Secret Lover Series has successfully delivered entertainment to the adult masses who preferred Erotica. In the production of  Book 2, best-selling author Prince Abraham Harun has gone out of his way to alleviate the story-line to the next level with more excitement and unpredictable fun.

In order to get an idea of the content of the book, take time to read the story pitch below.

cover (1)

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion

When Scarlett and Harun meet for the first time, it is clear to each of them that this is different from anything either of them has ever experienced. The more they are around each other the stronger the attraction is between them. It seems that it is inevitable that they will eventually give into their desire and act on it.

Once that line is crossed, there is no holding back. Scarlett and Harun take many chances just to be together as the need is just too great to ignore. They know that they are taking some huge risks by sneaking around, but it is impossible to deny their attraction. They may as well have been asked not to breathe.

Scarlett is so happy in spite of the possible danger of being discovered that her beauty is amplified to all who see her. This includes her own husband, who ordinarily rarely notices her. However, at breakfast the morning after she and Harun have been together, Sebastian takes a second hard look at her and tells her that something is different about her. Then, he tells her that he is leaving on a business trip to Venice for the week.

Scarlett’s heart sings at the news because it means that she and Harun can be together without quite as much worry of being caught. However, her husband’s next words cause her stomach to plummet as he tells her that he wants her to accompany him on his next business trip. She knows that her heart will not allow her to leave Harun for any long amount of time. But how will she get out of this? On top of that, Sebastian has suddenly decided to pay more attention to his neglected wife.

Is it possible that he suspects something and is just toying with her? Scarlett knows that if Sebastian discovers her secret affair with Harun that there will be extreme consequences. She must do whatever is necessary to protect both herself and Harun from this ever present danger.

Please note: This book is intended for 18+ due to dirty talk, light anal /oral sex, and lots of sexy scenes.

The book is in limited promotional period. Everyone can download for FREE!


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