Exploring Lake Danao, Camotes Island Day 2

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The second part of our second day in the island was visiting Lake Danao. Also known as Lover’s Lake, it is located in the northern part of Pacijan Island, one of Camotes Islands’ islets.

Check out the first part of our second day here.

Some say the lake has a shape of a guitar on aerial view which might be true but since I don’t have the luxury of a drone then it’s hard for me to prove it here. For now, let’s satisfy our minds with the random snaps I took so effortlessly.

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Boardwalks are one of the many highlights of Lake Danao since they’re one of the most #igworthy in the area along with their famous boat rides, kayaks, wakeboards among others, in which we haven’t tried a bit because it was not the time to be awesome.

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Its park is the entry point in accessing the lake itself. I heard they also have a swimming pool somewhere but we were just so out of time we can’t afford to lose the 5:00 PM trip. So we had our lunch instead. And again, I forgot to take photos of almost everything such as food, restaurants, and other blogworthy sceneries and amenities. Again, don’t get drunk on the first day.


The service of the diner right at the side of the lake was super slow. The food was not impressive. There was really nothing special. Even though I had a zero to nothing taste bud, my friends don’t lie so I’m almost a hundred percent sure they weren’t a happy camper. And the presentation is really unattractive. But since we were starving, so much in a hurry and tired, we really had not much of a choice.

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Aside from taking a sneak peak on the area and didn’t really see much, one thing that we tried was the fish spa. We’ll at least we did finally try one.

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But those fish didn’t really nibble the dead skin off our feet. They just ate the fish food that we’ve thrown out at them. Well, makes sense.

In all fairness, there is something about Lake Danao that’s so refreshing. The lake itself is so vast that it will surely give that ‘serine feels’ and peace of mind to both travelers and tourists who didn’t stop being awesome. I’m quite sure there are a lot of things and fun activities that anyone who has the time can try. But unfortunately for us, it was not an option. So we carry on. Our next stop were the caves in the island. You gotta stay tuned for that.


Entrance Fee  ─  ₱50.00




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  1. marieadelyn says:

    This is a very honest post. Love it! ❤️

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