Exploring Camotes Island: Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

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This is the first part of our second day in Camotes Island. Our first day has been documented on my The Philippines’ Santiago Bay, Camotes Island post. So our second day was a little rushed out because I and my friend were drunk AF the night before under the night sky that I was knocked down for a while inside our tent, soaking wet, while my friend was trying to get herself entertained with a few bottles of beer we had or what was left of it.

An earlier photo during our first few sets of beer. The culprit of my killer HO.

I didn’t even remember if there were stars that night. All I remember was I kept on going back to the water to pee. She woke me up at around 3:00 AM so I can continue hibernating inside our rented room.

They woke me up again at 8:00 AM because the vehicle was already there ready to pick us up for the tour. This was the vehicle that we have rented out for ₱2000 just to take us anywhere we like. Well, the first night did not turn out to what I originally expected. I was sort of expecting some serenity and all but beer is romantic evil and I was tempted big time. So f**k expectation.

And now for the most awaited 7-hour tour.

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We started our trip at around 8:15 AM albeit the grogginess that we felt due to tremendous hangover.

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The day was hot and humid, and the weather failed to help us disregard the growing thirst, dizziness, drowsenies and intermittent headaches that sometimes we don’t talk to each other. Sweet, right?

Tip: Don’t drink too much on the first day.

Our first stop was Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. It’s a 20 minute ride from Santiago bay. A 3-star resort facility atop the skerry part of the island. We didn’t had the chance to check the rooms though because we didn’t have much time as we needed to catch the 5:30 PM trip back to Danao City. But we had a good look at some of the amenities.

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Behind the scenes.

The resort has small swimming pool facing the sea. The beach area is not that wide compared to what Santiago Bay has but the sand was still as white. It also has restaurant that specializes in Filipino-Chinese cuisine and a bar for refreshing drinks.

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So this is a mango shake. I can’t really tell if there was something remarkable about it because my taste bud was not very kind that day as it should be since as you all know, I suffered from HO. I think all I tasted from it was sugar and artificial flavor of some sort. Well anyway, it’s just one of the refreshments that the place offers so maybe they have other better tasting dishes out there that you guys have to discover for yourself. Too bad I missed to take a photo of the pool, even the lobby. I actually missed out a lot of stuff. So if you’re into blogging, please don’t get drunk on the first night.

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I consider this area as the resort’s main attraction. Not only that it has the resort’s name officially engraved on it but it really catches one’s attention upon entering the vicinity.

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The unrefind structure combined with the endless expanse of blue, surrounding waters will give you that “Greece feels” once you’re actually in it. This area is also used as the diving spot because of its rocky edges.

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The only drawback for me is the orange Octopos slides. For a scenic view as this, it’s a little too far out. It’s a slice in the cake.

Overall, the experience was good, though a little too rushed out, and it’s definitely a place to recommend.


Entrance Fee  ─  ₱25.00


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