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A snippet of my book that I will be launching anytime soon! I started this book when I was a teen. Stopped when I joined the corporate world. Was rewritten when I was 30 and now I’m barely 34. I decided to publish it last year but then a lot of things came up and now here I am again.

The Left Footed Wanderer

ImageGazillions of stars scattered in the distant sky like a squandered golden sand wastefully thrown out of reach. Marie wondered if the stars were gold, if science makes million ways to get them. Will their value remain the same? She took a deep breath and shifted her gaze at the beauty lying beside her on the grass.

Marie was covering her bare chest with her arms. Never mind the cold that has been there all the time. She could still feel the heat from their torrid sexual encounter radiating in every bit of her being, blocking the cold from coming into her skin. It was consuming. She still got her shorts on. Although the fly was a complete indication of introsion. Or surrender. Whatever the case was, Marie was still a little confused.

Selena was lying very still beside her in silence. The torn lacy cloth that was once a…

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