Book Review of Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II

The book is in limited promotional period. Everyone can download for FREE!

The Left Footed Wanderer

Subject: Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II
Author: Prince Abraham Harun
Reviewed by: Mary Ann Maglangit
Date: Sunday, June 8, 2014 21:30:52
Direct Link:Romance-Erotica

The goal of this post is to get people download the book while it is still on its FREE promotional period. After the promotional period is ended, the production will revert the book to its original pricing.

After the storming success of Book 1, The New York Times Best-Selling author Prince Abraham Harun consequently released Book 2 of Scarlett’s Secret Lover Series. In this sequel, the audience will witness a more prominent development of characters and materialization of new sequence of events packed with passion, twists and more surprises.

I, as a writer, believe that a good fiction writer must not only have the ability to form powerful words and induce vivid images into the minds of the readers, he must also have the magic to let each character leap out from…

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