A Street of Gastronomic Delight : Jalan Alor

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The Lifeaholics


Jalan Alor is the eating mecca of Malaysia.  As self-confessed foodies, we dare not leave Malaysia without exploring their legendary eat street. It was an unwritten law that we both held deep in our tummies : A happy trip is never complete without trying out a local’s delectable cuisine. After all, food is our common ground. It is a universal experience.

Reeling back to history, the street that is now considered the most popular food hunt in Kuala Lumpur was once a Red Light district. Jalan Alor is relatively quiet in the daylight and it magically transforms itself into a vibrant food haven filled with hustle and bustle of hungry tourists and local diners piling in food stalls, makeshift tables and chairs by the roadside.

jalan alor 01Jalan Alor is a melting pot of Oriental dining experience that shouldn’t be missed out when visiting Kuala Lumpur.  The mixture is dominant of Chinese…

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